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The Trials Of Red Riding Hood

A collaborative project between About Face Theatre Company and filmmaker Tony Gammidge based on improvised work around the theme of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. All words are unscripted and are the actors' own response to the "interview" that was shot as part of the improvisation process. The result is unsettling and thought provoking, questioning the perception of innocence and guilt.

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Postcards from Blackpool

"From the ultimate seaside holiday destination comes a rollercoaster tale where dreams can be broken or fulfilled. Under the shadow of Blackpool’s Tower, or amidst the glittering lights of the ballroom, showmen vie for your attention, your soul, your money. Romance blossoms and fortunes can be won or lost. A lonely, disorientating world for some, for others a chance to follow their dreams and become the hero, the belle of the ball - a star for a night!"

In collaboration with Helen Anthony (writer), Tony Gammidge (film-maker), Purvin (designer and puppet creator) and Rob Hill (set builder), and inspired by experiences during a visit to Blackpool, About Face performers integrated with puppets and film to create a complex show that explored the theme of disability and holidays. It toured to numerous venues around the West Midlands, Lancaster and Blackpool and was met with universal acclaim. At times joyful, at other times sad, the show has been one of About Face's most successful projects to date. 

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A Punjabi Tale

Created in collaboration with two Indian professors of theatre, Mahendra and Shveta Kumar, this beautiful production was toured extensively to great acclaim. Loosely based on a classic Indian tale, Sohni Mahiwal, the captivating and moving performance mixed puppets, live actors and music within a highly decorated set. There was even food for the audience. Schools were also treated to Bhangra dancing workshops led by Birmingham based musician, Jag Kumar.

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Whispers In The Twilight Court & Whispers

A young woman leaves her homeland in search of a better life and thinks she has found work in a respectable establishment. But soon she finds that not all is as it appears on the surface...

About Face Theatre Company and other local performers worked together to create this ambitious piece of work. Set in the historic Judge’s Lodging in Presteigne, the audience made its way around the building unearthing the secrets that lurked in the shadows. It featured puppets and shadow work to reinforce the magic-realist atmosphere.

This show was reworked into a touring production using a portable set. In this incarnation the focus is on racism and hate crime and it is a useful education and conference piece.

Image from Whispers

Rickety Tickety Tin

Another ambitious production that explored, in an oblique way, themes of isolation and being unnoticed. This show's starting point was the macabre but jaunty song by Tom Lehrer, The Irish Folk Song, in which a girl disposes of her family in outrageously grisly ways. Using puppets and sets designed by Purvin from The Fetch Theatre, this surreal and darkly humorous production toured widely.

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The Cutters

An extensive installation and performance that transformed the About Face Theatre Company premises into a mysterious underground world that harboured strange creatures and a knife worshipping cult. The audience were led through the set as a group to discover the story as it unfolded in elaborately constructed and decorated rooms which contained clues to unravel the story behind the Cutters.

Image from The Cutters

The WaveWatchers

A play based on the idea of "cargo" cults, communities cut off from civilisation that are transformed when flotsam and jetsam from across the sea drifts in on the waves. Elaborate costumes and puppets and a rocky set designed by Purvin contributed to the other-worldy atmosphere of this isolated group of wave watchers. Music was created for the show by musician and singer, Kate Hardy.

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Made as part of the Herefordshire Rivers project this show was specially written for schools tours and focussed on the issue of pollution in our waterways. It culminated in a workshop that discussed the issues raised and then led to the participating children devising the ending for the show. This was then followed by a rerun of the show played to the whole school with the children acting within the final scene to which they had contributed.

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